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About Us

About Us

Your Hosts – Brian and Jody Calvi...

Your hosts, husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, are health enthusiasts. Their respective histories with disease and long fights for recovery inspired them to open Farm of Life. They are grateful for the healing journey they’ve experienced, and feel their higher purpose is to give back to others in need. Brian and Jody are here to assist guests, support your healing journey, arrange tours and services and make your visit exemplary.

Brian's Triumph Over Fibromyalgia...

Brian, owner of Finca de Vida (Farm of Life), Health Retreat and Organic FarmBrian enjoyed a successful life as a dedicated athlete. He went to college on a tennis scholarship and later worked as a tennis professional and schoolteacher. Then, in his mid-20’s, his health deteriorated rapidly.

It began with severe sinus congestion — and surgery that resulted in a persistent infection unaffected by antibiotic treatments. His symptoms soon exacerbated with fatigue, muscle pain, insomnia and a persistent high fever that kept him hospitalized. After relentless testing by the medical professionals, he was finally diagnosed with the ‘wastebasket’ condition named fibromyalgia. His symptoms worsened; cherished athletics became a thing of the past.

Driven to find a solution, he visited one health professional after another, but their solutions were to prescribe more drugs, herbs and supplements, none of which delivered lasting relief. He received B12 intravenous injections, cortisol to stimulate his adrenal gland, thyroid medications, supplements to treat candida, magnesium, Omega oils, muscle relaxants and antidepressants. While he continued to teach, he suffered through the days, his social life disintegrated, and friends and family treated him like a hypochondriac. After four years of seeking solutions, he found himself bankrupt. Desperate, he considered the advice of a surgeon who recommended removal of the first two cervical vertebrae as a possible treatment for his condition. Fortunately, another surgeon warned that this was no more than a lobotomy.

At rock bottom and feeling demoralized, Brian resolved to heal himself on his own. This shift in consciousness served him well. Visiting a bookstore, he picked up a book on raw food. The principals of raw foodism made sense to him. The belief that the body could heal itself resonated well with Brian. His body had, after all, accomplished amazing athletic feats.

In 2002, Brian made the commitment to eat raw foods and heal his body of fibromyalgia. He announced to friends and family his change in lifestyle. He befriended raw foodists in his community. He got informed; his coffee table was littered with natural healing books; he had consultations with raw food experts; he joined online raw food groups and chat rooms. The transformation to health took several years of discipline, overcoming cravings and learning from the process. He experimented with different raw foods and eating patterns — including raw milk, the 80-10-10 diet, wheatgrass, blue-green algae, sequential eating, fasting and mono-meals — and paid attention to how his body responded. He experienced profound and interesting detoxification, and slowly, his body regenerated. The total transformation to health took several years.

Brian now enjoys great health and remains committed to eating raw, living foods. Brian has since learned about the principals of natural hygiene and now applies those to his life as well. His motto is to just enjoy the lifestyle and enjoy the process of healing.

Jody's Life-long Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Asthma...

In 2004, several years into his raw food journey, Brian met his wife, Jody, at a holiday party. With a plate of cooked food in front of them and feeling self-conscious about his lifestyle, Brian confessed, “You wouldn’t believe what my diet is.” Jody answered, “What are you, a raw foodist?” You can imagine Brian’s surprise. He was not accustomed to meeting women who were even aware of this lifestyle.

At the time, Jody was on crutches, undergoing an 11-month stem cell treatment to re-grow cartilage in her ankle (, see her x-rays here). Jody had been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as an infant, and had lived her whole life with its crippling effects. Throughout her childhood, there was “no running, jumping hopping, skipping...” She underwent physical therapy twice a day, including heat therapy and painful range of motion exercises. She took every pharmaceutical drug ever marketed for arthritis and experienced nearly every side effect too, including liver and kidney malfunctions, GI irritations, dead bone in her knee and constant fatigue and sinus congestion. At age 16, she was diagnosed with asthma and 30% lung function. For over a decade, she gave herself daily treatments with a nebulizer and asthma inhalers, and took monthly courses of prednisone and antibiotics to treat attacks.

In 2000, Jody delved into alternative methods of healing. She removed 8 mercury amalgams from her teeth, and promptly experienced total relief from asthma! She visited alternative practitioners and tried modalities of every kind — homeopathics, Jaffa-Melor technique, Neuro-emotional technique, BEST chiropractic, Network Chiropractic, Emotional Freedom Technique, counseling, Radical Forgiveness, far infrared modalities, magnetic therapies, acupuncture, colonics, foot baths, psychic healing, bioenergetics, blood type diet, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, yoga, Chi-Quong, neuromuscular massage, Pulse Electromagetic Field (PEMF) treatments and many, many herbs and nutritional supplements. While some of these treatments granted Jody incredible breakthroughs in her physical and spiritual healing journey, most of them only soothed her pain and fatigue — they did not contribute towards reversing the cause of disease.

Despite her efforts to find the true healing source, she failed to recognize the one great truth— healing is a divine right and health is a divine presence within. All her seeking had been towards modalities outside herself. Through a newfound spiritual orientation, she began to recognize this greater truth for herself. She also began dating Brian, who taught her the raw food lifestyle and reaffirmed the belief that healing can be accomplished from the inside out.

Reversing old and outdated beliefs about disease, health and healing was Jody’s greatest personal health revolution. Having spent her impressionable childhood entrenched in mainstream medical mentality and battling chronic disease well into adulthood, she was initially incredulous, hard pressed to believe that she was safe with her body or that her body could heal itself without a drug, herb or gimmick. Today she continues to integrate superior thoughts and beliefs about health, lifestyle and her body. She surrounds herself with people who share this faith and confidence in the body’s ability to heal. She finds strength in spiritual teachings, such as Religious Science (, Mike Dooley ( and the Abraham collective.

Jody’s transformation to health is a work in progress. She tiptoed her way into the raw food and natural hygiene lifestyles. She learned that toxemia is the cause of disease and that restoration of energy comes through a total program of healthful living practices based on the physiological laws of life. She came to realize the extreme extent of her body’s toxemia and enervation and the need for rest and detoxification. The raw food diet gives her body rest (from digestion) and provides cellular nutrition. Eliminating stress from her life, getting to bed early, exercising on a bicycle and mini-trampoline and doing weekly 36-hour fasts are practices that restore and detoxify her body.