Adam's Spiritual Initiation at Farm of Life

by JodyCalvi May 26, 2012 | 8:13AM
Adam from Sweden visited Farm of Life for 6-weeks, attended the Raw-Habilitation Retreat with Dr. Samuel Mielcarski, and completed a 10-day water fast. While he aimed for physical healing with Raw Food and the fast, his spiritual and mental transformations were far superior. He describes letting go of Shame and Guilt and receiving a download of Love and Gratitude. His heart opening experience at Farm of Life was remarkable!

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The Magical Diamante Waterfall Hike

by JodyCalvi May 26, 2012 | 7:59AM
The hike to the Diamante Sanctuary, Caves, Waterfalls and Medicinal Gardens is like being in Avatar - a spectacular hike through majestic primary forest of Costa Rica to Medicinal Gardens, The Shaman Caves, Waterfalls and Swimming Holes. The hike is tough - many stairs to climb on well-maintained trails - but the reward is well worth it! Farm of Life brings many retreats and guests on this hike with Tree of Life tours. The beauty, the opportunity to reconnect with nature and release fear and limitations makes this hike a transformative experience for most.


Volunteer Karine Ionesco: Reconnects with Nature and her True Self

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:53PM
Beautiful Karine Ionesco volunteered at Farm of Life for our 2012 Retreat Season as a Kitchen Assistant. Her loving service to herself and to others brought extraordinary gifts - learning to love herself unconditionally, while witnessing countless others be transformed by their experience at Farm of life. She speaks of the unbelievable opportunity she had as assistant to Chefs Chris Kendall and Mary Graham, her inward journeys at the Diamante Waterfall and releasing fear, her passion to be in nature with likeminded people, her emotional transformations and her future prospects.

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Chef Mary - Phenomenal Raw-Vegan Cuisine

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:50PM
Chef Mary Graham, our Clean Cuisine Chef, worked for Dry Season at Farm of Life. She prepares food for healing people, which is the perfect synthesis for Farm of Life, where we teach healing foods and natural healing. Mary shares about her experience here, with the retreats, guests, food prepping and being in the grace of the Diamante Valley. Her culinary repertoire is as broad as her travels (France, Indian, Korea and more). A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach and Chef, Mary is available to work in your home, at your camp or next retreat. Explore the possibilities with her at

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Animar Yoga Retreat

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:43PM
We hosted the Animar Yoga Retreat in April 2012! A group of 13 women who went through some impressive transformations. Highlights: Jumping from Waterfalls, Yoga in the Caves, Phenomenal Vegetarian Cuisine, Reiki Sessions and more. Another spectacular week, and more to come with Animar in 2013! Register online at

Billa's Personal Transformation at Farm of Life

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:39PM
We interview Billa Kgari (, who volunteered at Farm of Life for 2 months, transformed our greenhouse compost system, and transformed her own mental and emotional space while sleeping in the forest, communing with the stars and connecting with nature and the sacred space of Farm of Life. Billa will host a Spiritual Permaculture Retreat in Costa Rica in Feb 2013... imagine living entirely off of the land, building from natural resources, eating raw food reconnection with all of the elements of air, water, sun and earth. Billa will post more about this retreat on her Ning site Ringing Cedars Revolution.

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Chris Kendall, Raw Chef, The Raw Advantage

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:37PM
Chris Kendall,, Sexy Canadian and Raw Food Chef, and beloved Family member of Farm of Life, Costa Rica. Chris is an extraordinary example of how to manifest a beautiful life while living from the heart and in the now. Chris' loving service over the past 3 years at Farm of Life is remarkable... health coaching, raw cheffing and adding to the energy of this space. Chris hosted his Raw Advantage Retreat this year, and cheffed the Ellen Livingston Yoga Retreat and Dr. Sam's Raw Habilitation Retreat. Don't miss his next retreat- January 2013 at Farm of Life - learn more at Also, he has 101 Frick'n Rawsome Recipes, Craving Busters, awesome tshirts for sale and upcoming Yoga videos and Mr. Fruitastic video. He will be a Chef, Yoga Instructor and Speaker at Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 and don't miss his freestyle Rap with Dr. Sam!!

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Dr. Samuel Mielcarski, Raw Habilitation Retreat

by JodyCalvi May 20, 2012 | 4:32PM
Dr. Samuel Mielcarski ( hosted his Raw Habilitation Retreat. Dr. Sam, a gifted physical therapist, taps into the body's own intelligence, applies principles of corrective movement and guides clients to embrace and apply the basics of health. Retreat participants received physical therapy 1-1 sessions with Dr. Sam, restorative exercise, learn about movement versus exercise and the Chain of Health (food, air, light, love, water, rest, activity and hygeine). A superior retreat for Athletes to attend. Chris Kendall provided exquisite, nutritious Raw Food meals. The next Raw Habilitation Retreat will be April 2013 at Farm of Life, Costa Rica,

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