Juice Rx

by jodycalvi March 15, 2011 | 12:49PM
Nicole and Dean discuss their health improvements from juicing and raw food lifestyle. Dean healed from Colitis, and Nicole was inspired by her mother's choice to heal breast cancer naturally. They are sharing their "recipe for success" with others and are opening Juice Rx, a fresh organic healthy juice delivery in the Chicago area.

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Chef Dr. Diondra

by jodycalvi January 31, 2011 | 12:48PM
Farm of Life was recently graced by the culinary talent of Chef Dr. Diondra, who volunteered at Farm of Life for a month over the holidays. In this Interview, Diondra shares about how she healed herself from breast cancer with raw food and sound therapy, her subsequent transition to raw gourmet and her chef services (raw chef retreats, personal catering, home catering) at http://alivenjuicy.com. Diondra has been raw for far longer than the majority of us - since 1998! She entered into a raw healing diet before it was a trend and before superfoods and raw gourmet ingredients were available in the markets. She is a wealth of information about raw food and healing!

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