Weight Loss at Farm of Life

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 3:59PM
Farm of Life guest Mark lost 30+ lbs during a month-long visit at Farm of Life, plus his Diabetes improved and blood sugar normalized! Eating raw food, walking, participating in raw food demonstrations and more! He ate more fruits and vegetables during his time at Farm of Life than during the rest of his life. Now, he is learning to like it, and plans to continue drinking green juice upon his return to his normal life. Mark proves that anyone can come to Farm of Life with an intention, get their mind right and get it done!

Weight Loss, Self-Care and Metamorphosis at Farm of Life, Costa Rica

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 3:44PM
Farm of Life guest Sandy speaks about her self-care, weight loss and personal growth while spending a month eating cleansing raw food with us in Costa Rica. Recovering from bereavement, and reflecting on the metaphor of a butterfly, she departs feeling whole and ready! Some of her best moments include doing soul retrieval (shamanism.org), and having an authentic Costa Rica meal with a local family sharing stories of the old days. Sandy is avid birder. We joke about our favorite nicknames for these avian wonders, including the orgasm bird (the Laughing Falcon) and the computer bird (Montezuma's Oropendula).

The Raw Habilitation Retreat Costa Rica 2013

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 1:50PM
Dr. Samuel Mielcarski, once again, treats his guests to a transformational week at Farm of Life, Costa Rica. As his guests report in this video: this place is a radical move towards love... I feel connected to source ... had my first ever spiritual prayer experience.... and so much more! Eco-tours, daily fitness and corrective movement, 1-1 therapy sessions, fully catered raw food with Chris Kendall, and so much more! Visit rawhabilitation.com to register for 2014!

Healing Colitis Naturally Without Medication

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 1:37PM
Farm of Life guest Adam speaks about his healing path with Colitis. He first choose the medical- medicine route, but after a few years, decided to give natural healing a go. His first source of inspiration was David Klein's book on healing colitis. After 6-months of following this raw food diet, Adam came to Farm of Life as a guest to continue the path. During his time here, he took his last medication and is now drug-free and feeling relief from his symptoms too! Adam's story if very inspirational, particularly for anyone with digestive disease.

Animar Enliven Retreat - Fitness, Yoga, Hikes, Surfing, Vegetarian and More!!

by jodycalvi December 24, 2011 | 8:03AM
An Interview with Meigan Aspin and Andrea Robertson of the Animar Enliven Retreat.... and a beautiful photo montage showcasing the amazing week we had!! Daily fitness with bootcamp and yoga, raw food and vegetarian feasts that would blow your mind, hiking to the powerful Diamante and Nauyaca Falls, white water rafting, surfing, zip lining, massage and so much more! The next Animar Retreat is scheduled for April 21 2012. Befriend Animar Retreats on FB to learn more.

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Weight Loss at Farm of Life

by jodycalvi July 17, 2011 | 4:42PM
Jose lost 41 pounds during a 7-week personal healing retreat at Farm of Life. How did he do it? Raw food (fruits, vegetables, smoothies, green juices), Yoga and Exercise! Jose speaks about his personal transformation, which happened on so many levels, including losing weight. A strenuous hike up the Diamante Waterfall was one of his many groundbreaking moments.
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