Weight Loss at Farm of Life

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 3:59PM
Farm of Life guest Mark lost 30+ lbs during a month-long visit at Farm of Life, plus his Diabetes improved and blood sugar normalized! Eating raw food, walking, participating in raw food demonstrations and more! He ate more fruits and vegetables during his time at Farm of Life than during the rest of his life. Now, he is learning to like it, and plans to continue drinking green juice upon his return to his normal life. Mark proves that anyone can come to Farm of Life with an intention, get their mind right and get it done!

Annual Cleanse and Re-set at Farm of Life

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 3:53PM
Farm of Life Costa Rica is the Vacation for the Healthy Lifestyle. A place to rest heart and soul, cleanse and detox and reconnect with nature. Two guests speak about their experience trying out this lifestyle, including a Juice Fast, eating Raw Food, fruits and vegetables, and all of the wonderful benefits too - no gas, no bloating, feeling better at the end of the day. These 2 guys live a normal Australian lifestyle and diet, yet they visit Farm of Life once a year to give their body a reset and now have the confidence to make simple lifestyle changes in their regular lives.

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Weight Loss, Self-Care and Metamorphosis at Farm of Life, Costa Rica

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 3:44PM
Farm of Life guest Sandy speaks about her self-care, weight loss and personal growth while spending a month eating cleansing raw food with us in Costa Rica. Recovering from bereavement, and reflecting on the metaphor of a butterfly, she departs feeling whole and ready! Some of her best moments include doing soul retrieval (shamanism.org), and having an authentic Costa Rica meal with a local family sharing stories of the old days. Sandy is avid birder. We joke about our favorite nicknames for these avian wonders, including the orgasm bird (the Laughing Falcon) and the computer bird (Montezuma's Oropendula).

Healing Colitis Naturally Without Medication

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 1:37PM
Farm of Life guest Adam speaks about his healing path with Colitis. He first choose the medical- medicine route, but after a few years, decided to give natural healing a go. His first source of inspiration was David Klein's book on healing colitis. After 6-months of following this raw food diet, Adam came to Farm of Life as a guest to continue the path. During his time here, he took his last medication and is now drug-free and feeling relief from his symptoms too! Adam's story if very inspirational, particularly for anyone with digestive disease.

Arthritis Relief and Weight Loss after 12-days on Raw Food

by JodyCalvi November 17, 2012 | 8:43AM
Farm of Life guests Robin and Bob discuss their health improvements after eating Raw Food - fruit, green salads and green juices - for 12-days at the farm. Robin is pain-free for the first time in 12-years. Her husband came to the farm too to give Robin support, and joined her in the healing protocol. Bob arrived overweight, with daily headaches, IRBS and diarrhea. Now, he has no more headaches and lost 12-lbs.

Weight Loss with Raw Food and Eating from Your Own Greenhouse

by JodyCalvi November 17, 2012 | 8:36AM
Farm of Life (www.farmoflifecr.com) guest Jason Tucker shares about losing 50-lbs on raw food and growing a productive greenhouse in Las Vegas. Learning from John Kohler (okraw and growyourowngreens), Jason uses rock dust, kelp, raised beds and worm castings. He grows nutritionally dense greens to juice. With 10-months of eaingt raw food, Jason has lost 50-lbs... about 2-3 pounds a month with a healthy, lifestyle change, rather than a fad diet. On top of the weight loss, he feels healthy and more energy!

Healing Colitis with Raw Foods

by JodyCalvi July 17, 2012 | 7:23AM
Dipan visits Farm of Life, Costa Rica (www.farmoflifecr.com) for 6-weeks for the healing of Colitis, a digestive disorder. He ate a raw food diet with mono-meals of fruit, increased his calorie intake, barefoot walked, sun gazed and hiked. His health improvements included being able to increase his food intake, more energy and better sleep.

Wild Edible Plants with Katrina Blair

by jodycalvi December 7, 2011 | 6:24PM
Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango, Colorado visited Farm of Life and gave a workshop on the 13 Wild Edible Plant Species of the World... these plants grow in the human footprint, in abundance, packed with nutrition, around the globe. In this interview, Katrina shares about her path and inspiration for being an advocate for wild edibles, and shares her wealth of knowledge while touring the wild edibles growing at Farm of Life. Katrina is a very special lady and we feel blessed that she visited Farm of Life!

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Healing Kidney Disease

by jodycalvi March 16, 2011 | 3:29PM
Kayla spent 5-weeks at Farm of Life on a healing mission to improve her 9% kidney function. She ate low-fat raw vegan, took a 1-week water fast, received plenty of rest and prana and is now afresh with the raw food glow! She reports feeling greater clarity, emotional freedom, physical vitality and the total disappearance of water retention.

Juice Rx

by jodycalvi March 15, 2011 | 12:49PM
Nicole and Dean discuss their health improvements from juicing and raw food lifestyle. Dean healed from Colitis, and Nicole was inspired by her mother's choice to heal breast cancer naturally. They are sharing their "recipe for success" with others and are opening Juice Rx, a fresh organic healthy juice delivery in the Chicago area.

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