Arthritis Relief and Weight Loss after 12-days on Raw Food

by JodyCalvi November 17, 2012 | 8:43AM
Farm of Life guests Robin and Bob discuss their health improvements after eating Raw Food - fruit, green salads and green juices - for 12-days at the farm. Robin is pain-free for the first time in 12-years. Her husband came to the farm too to give Robin support, and joined her in the healing protocol. Bob arrived overweight, with daily headaches, IRBS and diarrhea. Now, he has no more headaches and lost 12-lbs.

Wild Edible Plants with Katrina Blair

by jodycalvi December 7, 2011 | 6:24PM
Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango, Colorado visited Farm of Life and gave a workshop on the 13 Wild Edible Plant Species of the World... these plants grow in the human footprint, in abundance, packed with nutrition, around the globe. In this interview, Katrina shares about her path and inspiration for being an advocate for wild edibles, and shares her wealth of knowledge while touring the wild edibles growing at Farm of Life. Katrina is a very special lady and we feel blessed that she visited Farm of Life!

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The Body Forgives - Healing Gouty Arthritis

by jodycalvi August 9, 2011 | 2:55PM
Farm of Life guest, Millard, shares about his journey healing Gouty Arthritis. He arrived at Farm of Life hobbling and using a walking stick, and leaves with far greater mobility and function. While he came to Farm of Life to work on his physical body with raw food, his journey also took him deeply inward to his emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. He dove into his heart, felt deep gratitude and was amazed at how the body is so forgiving!

50-lbs in 90-days

by Administrator November 24, 2010 | 3:36PM

Tom King achieved his health goals during his 90-day personal health retreat at Farm of Life.  He lost 50-pounds and experienced improvements in his hearing, eyesight, joint pain and more.  In this interview, Tom describes his health practices, including juicing, a water fast, and following the Gerson Protocol, and his experiences at Farm of Life.  Great job Tom - we are proud of you!


It's All About Food Radio Show Interview

by Administrator November 16, 2010 | 12:20PM

Listen online to our recorded interview on the Progressive Radio Network.  We were interviewed by Caryn Hartglass for her It's All About Food segment in October.  

We really enjoyed the experience - attending the Gary Null studio in NYC, sitting around a table with gigantic microphones in front of us and being guided through the interview by the talented Caryn Hartglass.  During the interview, we tell our stories of healing fibromyalgia and arthritis with raw foods and a healthy lifestyle.

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