Meet the Chefs of the Raw-Transformation Retreat

by Administrator December 8, 2010 | 12:29PM

The raw gourmet meals was a central feature of the Raw-Transformation Retreat. Meet Chris Kendall and Melanie Lotos, who pulled off this amazing feat with grace, flare and tremendous culinary talent. Witness raw pizza, the fattest raw burritos you've ever seen, macadamia seed cheese, key lime torte and more!  Chris and Melanie speak about their experiences working in our kitchen and prepping a raw retreat with loving service.  Chris,, is a live-in raw chef, the banana-commander and skateboarder who has great heart and mastery of a large repertoire of raw food recipes.  Melanie, only 3-months into the raw lifestyle, gained invaluable experience with raw food preparation here.  


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Stocking up on Produce for a Raw Retreat

by Administrator November 29, 2010 | 9:32PM

We are preparing for the Raw Transformation Retreat, which will require loads of fresh organic produce.  Guest Chefs Chris Kendall and Melanie Lotus shop at the local farmers market.  We shop for Sapotes, water apples, bananas, coconuts and more, all in enormous quantities.  



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Holiday Feasts with Chef Diondra

by Administrator November 26, 2010 | 9:50PM

As we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, we look forward to upcoming holiday meals with Chef Dr. Diondra.  Diondra arrives in December and will guest Chef at Farm of Life for the Holidays and New Years.  Diondra treated us to samples of her food preparation in October and we were blown away.  Her raw chocolate torte is the best I've ever experienced, and I'm a pro with chocolate!  Guests at Farm of Life in December and January will get to enjoy Diondra's culinary talents!  Don't miss out - make your reservations for the holidays soon.



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