A Raw Professional Athlete and a Raw Vegan Nursing Mom

by JodyCalvi January 8, 2014 | 2:06PM
Alex and Milana - are healthy, vibrant demonstrations of living the raw food lifestyle. He is a professional athlete, she is a nursing mom and as a family they came to Farm of Life for a Costa Rican vacation. Alex shares about his process of being a professional ice hockey player who transitioned from a meat-based diet to vegetarianism, then veganism and eventually to raw food. He thrives physically without needing protein powders or supplements. Milana shares about eating raw vegan while pregnant and breast-feeding. One day her baby's eye's had mucous in it, after she had eaten a cooked vegan meal, and from that point forward she has been 100% raw food breast-feeding mom... and she also, intuitively, practices what is called Attachment Parenting.

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