The Organic Farm

A major feature of the Farm of Life is the amazing abundance of flora and plant life – hundreds of tropical fruit trees intermingled with edible shrubs, ornamentals and fragrant herbs. May this food forest and the aromatic fragrances nourish, heal and bless all who partake in the experience of this farm.

organic kale grown in greenhouseSince fruit trees are vitally important for our nutrition and livelihood, we wasted no time – we planted 100 trees within the first month of owning this farm and continued planting every rainy season thereafter. We have planted an enormous variety of tropical life, including hundreds of fruit and nut trees – mangoes, avocadoes, star fruit, jackfruit, citrus, guava, rambutan, biribia, macademia, tamarind, noni, mangosteen, cashews, cacao, durian, zapote, guanabana, annona, sea almonds, dozens of varieties of bananas, and much more.

Our greens – kale, chard, lettuces and more – are grown in the greenhouse. We harvest our salad greens daily. Plus, additional vegetable fields are throughout the property and there is a nursery for the propagation and protection of plants.

We work to augment the mineral, microorganism and nutrient content of the soil in order to enhance the life-giving properties of the foods we eat. We strive to work in a junior partnership with nature, to replenish the health of the soil and plant-life, and to function in accord with the laws of nature.