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“After 30 days staying with Brian and Jody at Finca De Vida I left 6 kilograms (13.2 pounds) lighter and with greatly improved health.  ”

“During my stay at the farm I undertook three weeks raw vegan followed by a week of water fasting. A gland with a lump in it shrank to about one third of the size. My month of healing at Finca de Vida spelled an end to my severe, chronic two-year long urethritis.  With the raw vegan diet, I enjoyed the relief from irritable bowel. I had no more reflux, my entire digestive system relaxed and flattened out. I stopped feeling bloated for the first time in about 10 years.”

“Brian and Jody offered me focused and attentive health support, guiding when necessary and showing me how to prepare nutritious raw meals. They always went absolutely above-and-beyond with assistance, such as arranging transport, taking me to waterfalls, setting up a dentist appointment, arranging regular massages, sharing raw treats with me and putting on movie nights for myself and the other guests!”

“I liked that I had access to the wifi, the rooms are lovely and cleaned every three days and the price includes all of your raw food for free. I experienced a deep reconnection with nature and my own body that I so desperately needed after living in the high-stress corporate environment of the city.”
– Jessie, New Zealand

John Kohler from YouTube’s GrowYourOwnGreens and OKRaw posted this thorough video review of Farm of Life, our campus and everything going on.

“I had an amazing experience on the Calvi's health farm. Everyday there was something new to explore, whether it be the patch of jungle, the towering mountains, the magnificent waterfalls, the Pacific Ocean. Finca de Vida was like the ultimate escape from reality for me; it was a needed stress-free environment. Having had several seizures before my trip, I was very afraid of the potential dangers facing me in Costa Rica. However, the healthy lifestyle decisions that the Calvi's made also became mine (raw food diet, regular exercise, etc.), and as a result, I did not have a single seizure throughout my entire 2-week trip. Whether you need to revamp your lifestyle to a healthier one, or you're just looking for an incredible adventure, Finca de Vida is the vacation place to be!”
– Brittany Marker

“I had always heard about how beautiful Costa Rica is. When I showed up on the Calvi's farm, "Finca de Vida," I was not disappointed. This place is definitely special. It's a little gem nestled in a lush landscape that is captivating. I enjoyed my stay so much that I decided to run some of my health and healing retreats here in the future. If you are looking for friendly hosts, great food, a healing environment, and an enjoyable getaway, I would recommend considering Finca de Vida as a viable option.”
– Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT, Physical Rehabilitation Specialist & Health Consultant, Atlanta, GA,

“I am so renewed after the retreat. I did a lot of growing and feel so much happier in my life. I'm going to [city] to visit my birth mother n 3 weeks. It's going to be wonderful this time...because "I" have changed my perception of her... I FINALLY forgive her... wow... that took 34 years. Thank you for sharing my journey with me... will always be grateful to you for that!”

1-year later update:
“My life has continued to thrive since leaving the farm... I plan to quit my job next spring and go to china to teach english. Did the career thing... now I want something for my soul.”
– Queenie

“I will never be able to express my gratitude and delight about being initiated into the farm of life family... an honor I will cherish eternally.... and I mean that sincerely!”

1-year later update:
“My thoughts have meandered often this past year.5 to my Finca de Vida tribe. It's magical how authentic connection can happen so quickly and effortlessly, and to you folks, and that land, I feel connected from the heart. I may not know when I'll return... however I will, one day, return.”
– Kitas